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Prestige Homes of the Tri Cities, Inc

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About Debra Kennedy

Good morning, afternoon or evening.  Whenever you might be reading this!  I am coming to you from the treasured position as the broker/owner of Prestige Homes of the Tri Cities and Bob Callahan REALTORS®. 

Rewind 29 years!  It all started when I wanted a “part time” career for just a few years while my son was young so I could have a flexible schedule, but provide the extras that weren’t possible with the situation I found myself in.  With the encouragement of a few real estate agents, I was licensed 1995 and began work at  Bob Callahan Realtors.  It was both a  residential and commercial firm.  I practiced traditional residential real estate for a couple of years and it was an amazing time.  God’s hand was all over it!  But without warning, Bob decided he had had enough of the exciting residential real estate side of things and closed it down.  I found myself at a crossroad.  Should I move to another residential firm?  The answer was basically decided for me.  Bob saw something in me that I didn’t see and I ended up in the exclusive practice of commercial real estate.  Bob took me under his wing and taught me the biz!  We were a great team for many years.

Unfortunately, Bob Callahan passed away in 2008 and I decided to buy the name and the building to continue his legacy.  Of course, wouldn’t you know it, the real estate market crashed and burned a month later.  But I sailed through it without so much as  the smell of smoke lingering.

Shortly, in 2009 I was approached by an agent who wanted to work with me, but not in commercial real estate, and from that encounter Prestige Homes of the Tri Cities was born. 

I thought the plan was for me to practice commercial real estate while an agent or two practiced residential.  Does anything really go as planned?  Prestige Homes took off and I have been along for the unreal ride for 14 years.  Again, it was obvious God was with us! I decided to reenter the residential side of the industry and haven’t looked back.

Fast forward to 2024.  There have been awards and recognition along the way, but nothing compares to the honor and privilege I have been given!  The “I” is now “we” and I find myself working alongside the most amazing team of professionals in the industry today.  We are constantly learning and honing our skills to provide the level of service we think our community deserves.  Along with all that encompasses, I still enjoy the practice of real estate in a non-competing manner, serving friends, family and personal referrals.  As I look back on the last 29 years, I cannot count the number of agents, clients and customers who have turned into the most wonderful friends.  And the young son who was the inspiration behind the adventure is now our marketing director (full circle and all that).  This is an incredible journey that I hope to be on for many more years.  You are welcome to come along for the ride and join us as an agent, client or customer.  “We” are here for you!


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